What is a reality?

“REALITY” is a word that affects our lives in every aspect. Our every decision, every step is decided on its terms or averages. Whenever we think about some futuristic thing or making any optimistic decision we just check with the reality of those thoughts.  And exactly what does this reality check mean? Comparing things with the past experiences or imagining about the future consequences?

One of the definitions of the reality says, ‘Reality is all of your experiences that determine how things appear to you.’ But how can someone decide that the future is always going to repeat the past experience? When I was small people around me used to tell me that if I do this then I will get that. I believed in them since they were my parents/ relatives/ dear ones but eventually, I came to know that whatever they told was their own experience and was not the same for mine every time. So the instant question raised in that situation in my mind was “What is a reality?”

Another statement about reality says, ‘Reality is the state or quality of having existence or substance.’ If it so then sometimes water is a fluid and sometimes it is solid. Now you will say that it’s just simple science, but then how an engineer becomes a millionaire and at the same time his equally capable classmate struggles for getting a job? Some people with least education achieve higher goals in their lives whereas few genii have to struggle for even getting their day to day needs fulfilled?

We all were always told by the people around us that studying up to certain age and grade will help us in getting a better job which will lead to our life settlement and that also worked with few of the people around us but then why not for everyone? If reality means the state of being actual then how it can be different for every person?

I think the reality is what we deeply believe in. Our mind is filled with negative things by the people around us from very tender age which developed our thinking pattern in such a way that whenever we try to decide or move the cons of it hits our first then the pros. What if we believe that the cons are not part of my reality and there are only positive possibilities in my future? Just saying or telling your mind may take some time to turn it into reality but deeply believing in it will definitely make it happen for you. So what you think, what is your ‘REALITY’?

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